Modeling an N&W (or NS) High Hood SD40-2

Step 003

This scan shows the different sub assemblies of the Kato SD-40-2 model.  In this clinic we will be showing how several of these parts can be replaced with nicer, more accurate and better detailed parts from Cannon and Company.  However, if you so choose, you may use the Kato cab and sub base on your model and still have a nice looking model as the Cannon high hood kit will mate with the Kato parts with little problem.  I suspect that we may have members here that are more into operations than they are into detailing and these folks may not wish to spend the time or money to change out the parts that us more detail conscious modelers may want to do. 

Carefully remove the light bars, cab, walkway and sub base from the shell and set aside.  If you choose to use the Kato cab, carefully remove the window glass and set aside for future use.


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