Modeling an N&W (or NS) High Hood SD40-2

Steps 006, 006A, 006B and 006C


Step 006

Using a new # 11 blade, scribe a heavy line directly on top of the Kato nose separation lines found between the long hood nose and radiator grills.  We will use these heavy lines as guides for removal of the Kato nose section.  

NOTE: This step is not mandatory as the Kato nose is a nice looking part and will do well as is when your model is complete. The only reason that I am changing the nose on the project model is to show others how it is done and what the Cannon part looks like when completed. Your choice.


Step 006A

Carefully measure the distance between the long hood sides at a point where the sides and nose meet and then cut five (5) .030 or .040 blocks this width and position in place as shown in the scan.  When these blocks are in position and lined vertically, tack glue each one into place and set aside to dry.  These blocks need to be approx. 1/8" to 3/16" shorter than the height of the shell when in place.


Step 006B

Carefully remove the Kato nose and sand both long hood sides smooth in preparation for the installation of the new Cannon nose.


Step 006C

Very carefully remove the alignment bars from the rear of the Cannon long hood nose and sand smooth. Now build the nose according to the instructions on the Cannon package and allow to dry.  Next, carefully remove the .040 support block closest to the long hood nose and tack glue it in place approximately 1/4" from the end of the shell. Allow to dry.  When the Cannon nose and support block are dry, carefully install and glue the new nose in place making sure that it aligns with both sides of the shell. Hold in place using medium size rubber bands being careful not to distort the shape of the nose.


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