Modeling an N&W (or NS) High Hood SD40-2

Steps 016, 016A, 016B and 016C


Introduction to Step 016

This is a down on shot of an EMD high hood bell and it clearly shows how the inside of the bell mount should appear. Many modelers think that the Details West bell is cast correctly from the manufacturer and that it should be mounted just as it comes out of the package, but this scan clearly shows that to be incorrect. With a little effort, a bit of patience and a little time we will be able to modify the bell housing as it should be.


Step 016

Carefully file all of the casting ridges from your bell and bell mounting bracket.  Next, drill a # 80 hole into the side of the air connector found on the top of the bell.  This is where you will connect the air line to the bell. 
Next, using your Dremel tool and cut-off disc ( or your favorite tool ), carefully remove all of the metal casting from within the walls of the bell mounting bracket.  Take particular care not to deform these walls as they are difficult to correct once bent.  File smooth on all three inside walls.   Next, cut two corner brackets from .010 styrene and glue into the corners using Cyanopoxy or your favorite ACC type adhesive.


Step 016A


Step 016B


Step 016C

Using Cyanopoxy or your favorite ACC adhesive, mount the bell on the short hood end making sure that is centered on the vee of the high nose and that the bell is parallel with the walkway. Cut a short section of .008 brass wire and bend to simulate the air line from the bell to the high hood roof. Glue in place and allow to dry.


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