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EMD SD45-2 Nos. 1700-1705

6 Units Active



This roster compiled and maintained by Chris R. Toth
Roster last updated on August 13, 2019.


Active Roster


Road No.

Previous No. Original No. Original NS Subsidiary Build Date Order No. Builder No. Notes
1700 CR 6654 EL 3669 PRRX 11-1972 7381 7381-1 NS LEADER/PTC Equipped. Equipped with A/C, electric handbrake.
Painted in special Erie Lackawanna heritage paint scheme.
1701 CR 6655 EL 3670 PRRX 11-1972 7381 7381-2 NS LEADER/PTC Equipped.
1702 CR 6659 EL 3674 PRRX 11-1972 7381 7381-6 NS LEADER/PTC Equipped.
1703 CR 6662 EL 3677 PRRX 11-1972 7381 7381-9 NS LEADER/PTC Equipped.
1704 CR 6664 EL 3679 PRRX 11-1972 7381 7381-11 NS LEADER/PTC Equipped.
1705 CR 6666 EL 3681 PRRX 11-1972 7381 7381-13 NS LEADER/PTC Equipped. Equipped with electric handbrake.

General Info

NS Model Designation = SD45-2
Horsepower = 3,000 (See note below regarding engines)
Fuel Tank Capacity = 5,000 gallons
Dynamic Braking = Yes
Control = Single
Cab Signals = Yes
LSL (Locomotive Speed Limiter) = Yes

Units 1700-1702 have had the original 20-cylinder engine replaced with an
EMD 16-cylinder 645E3 model and are rated at 3,000 horsepower.

Units 1703-1705 retain their EMD 20-cylinder 645E3 engine, but the horsepower
rating was downgraded from 3,600 to 3,000 horsepower.

Unit 1700 repainted at Chattanooga, TN in September 2015 into Erie Lackawanna heritage paint scheme.



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